[TRANS] 121102 EXO K for IVYClub Interview

Suho’s Interview

Q: Member’s sleeping habits?

My roommate’s Sehunnie, and I get cold easily and Sehunnie gets hot easily so when I get cold in the middle of the night and close the windows, Sehunnie always kicks his covers off the bed and sleeps like that because he gets hot ^^

Q: As a leader, do you have any concerns?

What can I do to always share the happy moments, and the sad moments, among the members and to reduce the sadness in half and enjoy the happiness twice as much, is what I worry about ^^

Q: Your own charming point?

Just as I am a warm brother-like leader to the members, I think my charm is my warm smile and my cozy(?) feelings towards the fans as well.

Q: My karaoke’s number 18? [The selection in the karaoke]

My karaoke’s number 18 is 4men’s Baby Baby which I enjoyed singing ever since my trainee days.

Q: One of the specialties of the members that I want to steal?

There’s quite a lot.. Haha.. Chanyeol’s ability to get along with anyone, the contrast between Baekhyun’s on-stage and off-stage charms, D.O’s manly and sexy voice, Kai’s splendid performance, and Sehunnie’s lovely dancing skills are the aspects that I think are impressive enough to make me want to steal them.

Q: Member’s secrets

Ha.. Ha.. Member’s secrets…
As a leader I can’t say the secrets of my dongsengs I love!! Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

Q: Goal for 2013

In 2013, along with EXO-M, our goal is to spread EXO’s music to Korea, China, etc. and not only Asia but all over the world to a bigger audience.

Baekhyun’s Interview

Q: Member’s sleeping habits?

Other than me, I don’t think any of the members have sleeping habits. I was told that my sleeping habit is that before I fall asleep, I make a puppys’s growling noise ^^

Q: Brag about your own charming points

My charming point is.. It’s a little embarrassing to say it myself but I think that the fact that I have different charms from when I’m on-stage and when I’m backstage is my charming point. When I’m on stage, if I turn into a bad guy in order to show a powerful performance, then backstage I think I turn into a good guy.

Q: A song that I enjoy listening to nowadays?

I enjoy listening to senior Kim Kwang Suk’s ‘Letter’ nowadays.. but I’m listening to it a lot now because I really like senior Kim Kwang Suk’s emotions.

Q: What will I be like 10 years from now?

Going back in time to the original EXO with not only EXO-K, but with EXO-M
I think nothing will change and I will perform happily with all the members until then.

Q: If I had a younger sister, which member would I want to introduce her to?

Umm.. First of all, I don’t have a younger sister but if I did I would treat her really well and really like her.
And to a sister like that, I wouldn’t want to introduce her to only one member but to the whole group.
I think my younger sister will definitely be happy when I introduce her to them. Because being with our members is so fun and encouraging ^^

Q: My most treasured item

My most treasured item is.. the first polaroid picture of my parents that I took for them.
I carry this picture in my wallet and I think it always gives me strength, and because I can take it out and look at it when I miss them is the reason why it’s the most treasured item to me.

Q: Goal for 2013

In 2013, we will try harder to show better performances and music to more people.
Please look forward for EXO and show us lots of love ^^ Thank you~

Chanyeol’s Interview

Q: Member’s sleeping habits?

My roommate Baekhyun always makes a puppy’s growling noise before going to sleep.
It isn’t always that he makes it, but I think he makes more noises when his body’s tired.
However it’s not that bad to interrupt my sleep, so I just consider it as a lullaby and fall asleep to it.

Q: My own way to deal with stress

There aren’t many cases that I get stressed, but during hard times I listen to music by myself and go on walks.
I think it’s good to go on walks at night while listening to music, because it clears my mind and gets me in a good mood, and also that night I get a good night’s sleep.

Q: When do you feel like you’re the coolest ?

The moment that I feel like I’m the coolest is when I’m devoted to something in particular.
Since usually I joke around a lot and am always smiling, I have more of a bright and fun image than a cool image, however I think when I’m practicing or when I’m very devoted to something I have a different image.

Q: A song that I enjoy listening to nowadays?

Nowadays I listen to a lot of upbeat songs and among them Skrillex’s bangrang is a song that I enjoy listening to.
It’s a song from the genre called dubstep, and the beat is very strong and it’s exciting that just by listening to it your body gets ecstatic.

Q: Goal for 2013

In 2013 I want to spread EXO’s music even more. The award isn’t all that important, I wish to give strength to many people through our music and want them to become happy through music.

Sehun’s Interview

Q: Do you have any concerns nowadays?

Once we release a new album and start promotions, each member should start with their own activities
And I think that the conversations between the members will decrease and we’ll have less time to see each other’s faces, so that’s what I worry about a little bit.

Q: The advantages about being a maknae?

I think it’s a big advantage that no matter where I go, just by the fact that I’m the maknae, they treat me cutely.

Q: Brag about your charming point

I think my white and smooth skin makes my image more pure hehe

Q: What will you be like in 10 years?

EXO will travel and do concerts not only in Korea or Asia, but all around the world!!!

Q: When do you think that you’re the coolest

When I’m with the members on stage and we introduce ourselves to our fans with EXO’s own slogan
For some reason it gives me goosebumps and not only me, but the members also are the coolest and I feel the proudest then!!

Q: The person I talk to on the phone the most?

Because we still don’t have cell phones, we still can’t make calls personally. Whenever we have time, we only give our parents a call through our manager hyungs.

D.O.’s Interview

Q: Member’s first impressions

Suho – He was exemplary and cool.
Baekhyun – He was very playful and cute
Chanyeol – He had a really nice personality and due to Chanyeol’s ability to get along with others easily I think that I became close to him the easiest.
Kai – Although he was cold, the more I got to know I realized that he’s charming and a very tender, nice and good dongseng.
Sehun – A clumsy and cute maknae, however now he’s an all grown-up maknae…

Q: If you had to compare the members to an animal?

Suho – Rat
Baekhyun – Puppy
Chanyeol – Giraffe
Kai – Black leopard
Sehun – Sloth

Q: When you feel like you’re the coolest

There still hasn’t been a time that I felt like I was cool. (It’s not a lie~)

Q: If you had a younger sister, which member would you want to introduce her to?

If among the members there is a member that will truly like my younger sister, then of course I will give any of them a chance.

Q: Your most treasured item

There isn’t a definite item that I have picked. If they’re my items, I think that they are all treasured.

Q: Songs that you enjoy listening to nowadays?

Nowdays I’m very into R&B or pop.
Maxell – Pretty Wings
Musiq Soulchild – Yes
Eric Benet – Real Love
Adele – Someone Like You
These are the songs that I listen to a lot nowadays.

Q: Goal for 2013

My goal is to try hard in everything and practice by putting a lot of effort to show a good appearance in front of everyone.

Kai’s Interview

Q: Member’s first impressions?

Everyone looked so nice, dependable and ambitious that I felt that as long as I’m with these members anything I do will be enjoyable.

Q: Who’s your role-model?

Mine’s Michael Jackson. Not only his singing and dancing, but looking at his charisma on stage that captured the audience made me fall for him, and I even bought videos of Michael Jackson and became completely hooked.

Q: A secret to dance well?

Enjoying is the most important, and it’s not about practicing the cool dance moves first but it’s important to start with the basics slowly.
I’m also not someone who dances well, but I laid a foundation by starting from ballet, Jazz, etc. and other different dances.

Q: My own way of dealing with stress?

I think I deal with my stress in a variety of ways. Usually by cheering on my favorite soccer team on TV, or listening to music that I like by myself, or dancing until I’m completely drenched with sweat are ways I deal with stress

Q: If I were a girl, which member would I choose as a boyfriend?

I can’t choose just one. Everyone has different charms and most of all, I think the other members will be upset with me. So I will meet all five of them. Of course I’ll keep it a secret to each of them, shh~

Q: Goal for 2013

First of all, I would like to be able to approach the public and all the fans more than in 2012.
I want to make ourselves known and show our music and performances a lot to those who still don’t know us.

Source : seanymph1122
Translated by yixing_s @ SMent_EXO
reshared by EXOtown


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