121128 Autographs for NANA Shop – Kris & Tao


TAO和KRIS去那个叫NANA的店了。店的博客里有后记。说TAO出道后也抽空常来,但kris出道后是第一次来,好久不见。第一张照片是TAO挑选的,他说可以在快要拍摄的新专辑MV里戴。第二张是KRIS挑选的,很久没去店里 他说店里出了好多漂亮的东西。两位都为店重新签了名。逗留了一个小时左右。出处dc

english trans:
TAO & KRIS went to NANA’s shop. There’s a postscript in NANA’s blog. It says even after debut Tao came to the shop often, but it was Kris’ first time in a long time coming to the shop after debut, long time no see. The piercings/earrings in the first picture was choosen by TAO. He said he can wear it in the new album MV that they are shooting for. The piercings/earrings in the 2nd picture was choosen by KRIS, didn’t come to the shop for so long. He said there was a lot of beautiful things in the store. The 2 members signed autographs for the shop. Stayed for about an hour in the shop. Source from DC

source: NANA Piercing’s Naver Blog via @小智MAX

credit: ♔PrinceWuFan @ CODE:EXO


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