[FANACCOUNTS]130112 Kai’s and D.O.’s Birthday Party

Today at Kai and D.O.’s birthday party, everyone was asked what they would like to do when they become adults. Kai said that he wants to watch adult movies; D.O. says that he already watches them, and Chanyeol says that Kai downloads them at home….
cr: 酷狗音乐EXO粉丝团

Today Baekyeol wore glasses to Kaisoo’s birthday party.
(cr: 10×100) via:toffeegee ouchyeol

D.O. and Kai held hands and cut the cake
cr: vgayoung

Apparently Jongin and Chanyeol showed their new cherography(?)???? The fans screamed but kaiyeol were all “what was that??”
via ontokki

When they were showing their new choreography, Suho and Baekhyun pretended and said “I don’t know what those are~”
via: @cxotrans

Birthday boys were told to do the 1~6 aegyo expressions, D.O. said he didn’t know how to so Chanyeol demonstrated, “don’t you do it very well at home?” Chanyeol and D.O. both did and he was so shy he messed it up and went crazy.. Kai followed Chanyeols demonstrations and completed it at the same time~
cr: toffeemilk

Junmyeon kept telling cold jokes during the party and the members would keep asking everyone to ask junmyeon to go out
via:ouchyeol ontokki

Chanyeol sucked helium guess, he was more excited than he was at his own birthday party ㅋㅋㅋ
cr: dc

Suho went to visit Kai’s parents with Kai, and Kai (jokingly) introduced Junmyeon as his tutor
Credit: ontokki, ataru.

When Baekhyun praised D.O., they both held hands for quite some time. He said that D.O. sang better than him and then gave D.O. a warm hug and pat his back
cr: dc

when jongin was doing the ballet moves he alost fell and junmyeon held onto his wrist~
Kai sucked helium and said “Krong!”
via garowyn

“When talking about the conception dream, D.O said that his mother saw a very~ small bear playing in between her legs. He was even imitating the playing moves when he said it, so cute TT TT But Chanyeol said something like ‘because the bear was too small’, in other words, he was saying that the bear was small hahahaha. D.O instantly froze hahahaha. And Baekhyun said: “Ah! If only the bear was slightly bigger!” hahahaha.”
CR: 海天月夜, EXO dc

The crowd was crazy and Kai was so shy he had to try 4 to 5 times before succeeding at the move(ballet)
via lovemaple

Today, the decorative balloons were a bit different in that when you hit them, a song starts playing. Chanyeol was especially attached to the balloons and kept on punching them. He repeatedly said that he was going to take all of them back to the dorms. When the other members suggested that they autograph these special balloons to give away to a few lucky fans, Chanyeol put on a straight face and said with utmost seriousness, “Nope. I’ll be taking these with me when I leave”

When the members were asked to do BTOB Ilhoon’s 1+1 aegyo, Sehun retorted that 1+1=2. Chanyeol: “Nope. 1+1=Window!!” The fans started groaning at Chanyeol’s lame outburst, so he hit his head against the TV in shame.
cr: thekaisoo

compiled by Kiky @ EXOtown ;)


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