[FANACCOUNT] 130606 EXO in Busan Fansigning Event

tumblr_mmv838thah1s1q857o1_r1_5002A fan in front of me asked Kris “how it feels to be a leader of EXO?” . I heard Kris answered “sweet, its really sweet” . [cr: 太阳的故事]

A fan asked Luhan if he listens to girl group songs, and Luhan used his hands and did the Twinkle dance by TTS [cr: 鹿晗贝贝V]

Suho said Baekhyun and Chanyeol are the most annoying, but without them EXO’s dorm will be so quiet . [cr: PcyLay]

I gave a question on a paper “what’s your another dream besides to be a dancer?” . Kai wrote “a good singer like D.O” . [cr: Breezhug]

the girl in front of me awhile ago asked chen about his fave song in xoxo he said you are my favorite. [cr: Pia]

i asked kris if he wants to travel around the world, he replied he wants to meet their fans at overseas too . cr: Pia

Sehun said he’ll watch Saturday Night Live which Miranda Kerr will be attend on. cr: EXO DC, 海天月夜

Chanyeol talked too much to a fan , Kris said “He(Yeol) looks so happy” . Chanyeol replied “my name is happy virus” . cr: Breezhug

Sehun wrote Bubble Tea as the answer of fan’s question “What’s the thing that you love the most besides your hair?” . [cr: 太阳的故事]

Sehun was a little bit far from tao and he wanted to sit beside him but their manager gave him a look and he bowed a lot of times. cr: Pia/ luluhannnn

A little girl who is D.O’s fan asked Kai “What kind of Boy are you ?” Kai replied “lovely, sweet, and a good brother” . [cr: bcsofwuyeol]

Suho thanked a fan and gave her a thumbs up because the fan said “You’re a good leader, Mr.Kim” . and Chanyeol heard that , he said “Wow , Mr.Kim,” . Both of them laughed together.
cr: bcsofwuyeol.

Luhan said his favorite song in XOXO is Wolf. Sehun’s favorite is Black Pearl. cr:luhanqt

Chanyeol told everyone to watch Shimshimtapa tonight, there will be new performance (possibly Baby Don’t Cry) [cr: 海天月夜]

Sehun got a Luhan’s teaser picture from a fan who’s wearing a pink shirt. Sehun gave it back to the fan and said “i already have it” [cr:laxy]

Yixing said that Kris and Luhan are his close friends but everyone in EXO are his strength. [cr: xoxoexo0420]

Kai said “Hello , i am Dancing Machine, Kai. Thanks for coming. i love you all,”

Fan asked Chanyeol which Avenger does he like most, he picked Iron Man & Black Widow [cr: zzan_exo / toffeegee]

Q paper: The prettiest member in EXO is D.O, agree or disagree ? Kai wrote : disagree. Fan: why? . Kai: he is handsome not pretty. [cr: exojjs]

Chanyeol and Baekhyun became really funny today. They always asked ‘did you use android? Have you download EXO’s theme?’ [cr:bylife_]

When a fan said ‘Jjang’ (perfect) about Kai’s dance in Wolf. Kai said ‘Chen is our dance machine’. [cr:카이penter]

Chanyeol choose Iron Man and Scarlett Johanson as his favorite character on Avenger

A Xiumin’s fan came to Xiumin and brought his photo. Xiumin said ‘omoo thank you for being my fan . Thank you so much’. [cr: exojjs]

Fan:i often come to airport because i want to see you,but it looks like the bodyguards hate me. Lay: sorry f it hurts you, just really.

Fan: huang zi tao . Kris: why ? what ? . Fan: he’s the maknae of your group. Kris: if you like him, you can get his sign first . [cr:attackaix]

credit: @SEHUNITED
source: To All Fanaccount’s owner + Translator

via: @baekyeoliee

re-Shared by vera @ EXOtown


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