[TRANS] 130621 FANACCOUNT EXO @ Cheonan Fansign Event

– Baekhyun asked Chanyeol if he wants to get married with him or not. cr: shn彩虹心

– Kai is so happy with his new dog, a fan asked “are you happy with the dog?” . Kai replied “not dog, she’s jjangah”. cr: shn彩虹心

– Sehun said the rumor of he wants to join We Got Married is a joke. He was joking. cr: prettaechen

– When a fan asked Chanyeol about his selca with Kai. Chanyeol said “He was the one who wanted to take selca with me!”. cr: 延长故事

– Chanyeol and Baekhyun sang 천안삼거리 together .cr: 密司特帕克db

– Baekhyun tried to translate something in Japanese but he failed , he spelled the wrong words. cr: 漂亮的开花

– Baekhyun picked a china fan and calling her name. cr: 漂亮的开花

– Chen is looking good . So good. He smiled widely to the fans. Laughed at the members when they were talking. cr: 漂亮的开花

– Xiumin waving to the fans while Luhan is busy with his drink. cr:漂亮的开花

– Lay said he was shy when he watched the backstage video. cr: chentome.

– Luhan is sitting side by side with Xiumin.

– Fan : Did you shower today? Kris : yes of course, why? Fan : i smell something . Kris : its probably love. cr.甜龙dhuizz

– Kai clarified Chanyeol’s statement about their selca,Kai said that he wanted to take selca with Sehun but Sehun has taken the selca with Tao cr: 简单但哇

– When Sehun was saying he didn’t want to go to WGM (even with Miranda Kerr), Junmen was saying “we trust your words ok?”. cr: sehunownsme

– Fan : why is Chanyeol the voice of EXO ? . Kris: he’s bored to be the happy virus. cr: 简单但哇

– Suho asked Sehun: If Miranda Kerr go on WGM with you, will you go? Sehun didn’t answer. cr: kaiamor .

– Chen is so high today , many fans screamed his named . cr: chentome.

– Someone asked Kyungsoo is he is happy today or not. Kyungsoo replied today is the happiest day of the week. cr: 爱你的梦想

– Pirates of the Caribbean is Kai’s favorite movie. He said that he admired Johnny Depp. cr: 爱你的梦想

– Fan : hello Sehun you’re so 英俊 (handsome) . Sehun: oh why ? i am okay . cr: chentome

– Fan: Kai loves his dog a lot, doesn’t he ?. Suho: for your information, his dog once ate my food. cr: 今天的心碎

– At the end, fans shouted “Don’t Go” Chanyeol replied “if we don’t go, you can’t hear us on the radio” cr : dc.

– Fan : Chen oppa , how are you?. Chen: oppa is fine because someone just called him oppa awhile ago. cr: 今天的心碎

– There was a girl named Kris, she is Chanyeol’s stan and when she came to Chanyeol. Chanyeol said “wah, duizhang!” . cr: prettaechen

– “Fan: why do you look handsome? I like you! Kris: everyone always say that kkkk~~ (cr; 魔术星球)” v: ohsehans

– Fan said that Kai is too interesting with dogs. Kai replied “at least i am sure that i won’t marry a dog later.” cr: 今天的心碎

– Fan : Kris or Suho? . Chen: if i ask you, your Mom or your Dad?. Fan: both. Chen: me too. cr: 今天的心碎

– “Kai said that he will bring a photo of his new dog jjang-ah the next time and give it to the fans (cr: 海天月夜)”

– Fan: Suho oppa, don’t crying again, i am sad. Suho: really ? the members said its funny hahaha. cr: 今天的心碎

– I want EXO to become a group loved by everyone. Besides a singer, I also have some interests to become a chef. – Do Kyungsoo.

– Sehun wrote “lets walk together forever” and Luhan wrote “jiejie, jiayou (fighting)!” for Twinned Poison~ cr: luhanqt

– Chanyeol clapped his hands when a fan said he’s handsome. Chen told a fan “you see him? sadly, he’s my friend.” cr: chentome.

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